Currently known as the biggest urban development in Europe, Überseestadt is situated in the heart of Bremen and attracts many visitors with its riverside offices, historic warehouses and contemporary architecture. Bremen is a free hanseatic city with its roots in maritime trade. Today Bremen is an even bigger logistics & trade hub and is only expanding further.

IMS has it’s main office in the Landmark Tower of the Uberseestadt which is also know for the Europahafen.

With a 20min distance to the International Airport, Main Train Station or to the ship yards, we are never far from you. Also with a 24/7 car rental service, chauffeur service, hotels, restaurants and other facilities in the same street or close by, we are pleased to cater to our clients with anything they might need when visiting us.

  • 5 min to City Center
  • 15 min to Intl. Airport
  • 20 min to shipyards
  • 24/7 car rental
  • chauffeur service
  • hotels & restaurants



We put years of experience and further education of the various interior subjects into practice but we don’t simply rely on our own experience. Our in-house R&D department takes the time and energy to test new products before we recommend anything for use in the wonderfully crafted interiors of our clients.

• Our clients make us great   • We believe in excellent co-operation and sharing of expertise which allows us to innovate where others can not •  We strive to deliver the best; great isn’t good enough •

We work in collaboration with renowned designers, interior outfitters and manufacturers, taking their recommendations and funnel them into a quick and comprehensive guide.

All of us share a common goal: the owners’ absolute enjoyment and with a partner like us you will be equipped to exceed the expectations.


Lars is a well travelled professional with over 30 years experience in refit and new construction projects. With a lifetime in service of HNWI/UHNWI, excellent administrative skills combined with a broad technical and engineering knowledge he brings a valuable contribution to any project.

Lars is known for fair and diplomatic negotiations. It’s important to create and maintain a highly motivated & efficient team, working well with all parties involved, without loosing focus of the chore points – client’s requirements, budget & time frame – and he does this well.

“ Finding solutions is the goal, there is no place for ego or other distractions.”

As General Manager, Lars takes care of project- and team management, population of our in-house app with manuals & handbooks, installation- and production of storage systems, planned maintenance for interior and technical departments including the necessary documentation.


  • On-Site Inspections
  • Installations
  • Structural Engineering
  • Team Management


  • Dedication & Discretion
  • Precision & Knowledge
  • Respect & Efficiency
  • Quality & Control


Working in hospitality since 1997, both commercial and private sector, Margarita has gathered her expertise along the way. In combination with an eagle eye for detail and passion for perfection, she developed the revolutionary app CRYSTAL.

Margarita loves to stay in the field of action and has never stopped putting things to the test – from bathroom products to service utensils, if it survives her, it will survive the demands of a +7* operation.

“ Why complicate things, if it can be done better & simpler…”

Staying in touch with, both the backend and frontend of service and keeping up-to-date with trends, enables her to offer the expertise you are looking for. As Founder and Managing Director of the company, she takes care of the UX & UI of the app as well as the headhunting-, outfitting,- and set-up services.


  • Cigar & Wine Sommelier
  • Maître d’hôtel & Concierge
  • Mixologist & Barista
  • Health & Hygiene Regulations
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Leather- & Textile Care


  • Perfection & Passion
  • Price ≠ Value
  • Sincerity & Pro-activness