Secure hardware, software, and services.

We are constantly looking for the best way to deliver hardware, software and services. That is why we developed the CRYSTAL app exclusively for iOS devices. The seamless integration of hardware & software as well as the user interface & design, work together for an enjoyable experience. Working with iOS let’s us protect the entire system & enable the great capabilities that make CRYSTAL incredibly easy to work with.


Designed for interior care. Made for productivity.
CRYSTAL is designed to deliver everything users need to do their job whatever their background. With a simple, intuitive interface, powerful built-in features, and rock-solid stability, IMS & iOS provide the foundation to drive productivity in game-changing ways. This comprehensive approach to security allows for end-to-end control of devices, data, and apps and keeps employees focused on being productive.


Because Apple designs the hardware and software to work seamlessly together, we have excellent support for software updates. This also counts for CRYSTAL software and hardware. As software evolves and new features are added, updates are immediately available to you, bringing new functionality for staff, management and other users. Our software updates are free for your registered devices and your CrystalVaultTM. This is part of our service to you.


It’s safe and secure. With iPad and iOS 8, the hardware and operating system work together to keep your information more private and better protected. Even when you’re not, iPad is always on the alert for malicious attempts to compromise your information. Our app complies completely with the strict Apple regulations and does not interfere with your running systems lke Kaleidescape. It’s easy to update to the new version of iOS and CRYSTAL updates automatically so you always have the latest security features.


Engaging you. You know how to use iOS devices from the first time you pick them up. That’s because the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface in iOS was designed for touch. Get up from the desk and get it done, whether it’s in inventories or in the training features. Everything is easy, intuitive, and familiar, from checking your protocols, creating a new user to emailing your provision lists. Now you can do both – administration & working in the field.


iOS 8 takes security further by protecting more data in ways that are robust yet seamless for the user. With the CrystalVaultTM, we take it even further because all your data stays literally with you. Also all images, profiles and notes are kept in the CRYSTAL app and don’t leak out to other apps on your device. IMS & iOS use file-level data protection to provide an enhanced level of encryption for all data at rest. This ensures that data stored in these apps are never accessible when the device is locked and are encrypted even when a device is compromised. Also with your admin login you can react faster when enabling or disabling viewing and editing rights of the users.


Every element of the experience is built with security in mind. CRYSTAL utilises the designs of iOS devices with advanced security technologies that provide end-to-end control of devices, data, and apps. Many security features of CRYSTAL are enabled by default and require no configuration. With your admin login, you can edit any users or user-group rights. Secure system architecture, enhanced data protection and secure access – all to fit your organisation like a glove.


iOS ensures an even higher level of protection for apps that interact with corporate data by encrypting each file with a 256-bit key. And the entire system can quickly be erased using remote wipe. We use file-level encryption method by default in all the modules of the app.


iOS utilizes proven technologies to seamlessly and securely connect to CRYSTAL — making sure users are authorised and data is protected as it travels over a network. This includes support for Internet standards like SSL and TLS, Wi-Fi standards such as WPA2 Enterprise, and a broad range of VPN solutions. iOS also supports secure authentication methods like certificates and Kerberos.