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Crepe Brush



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Great for wild, velor, nubuck and suede leather
Efficient and gentle cleaning of superficial dust and dirt
Ensures uniform appearance of suede
Notches in the brush body provide grip
made in Germany


The creping brush by Burgol is ideal for gentle cleaning for the delicate surface of suede leather shoes. The crepe erects the fine pile of wild, nubuck or suede leather. By painting in one direction, the leather gets a uniform appearance and superficial dust and dirt is removed very efficiently.
Small notches on the long sides of the brush body made of lacquered beech provide a very pleasant feel and enable a controlled cleaning process. On the back of the brush body, the noble Burgol embossed logo ensures a particularly appealing look.

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Brush surface

152 x 39 mm

Crepe height

18 mm

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