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Fine polishing brush

Fine polishing brush


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made in Germany
highland yak
cashmere goat
viennese horsehair
highest quality
7-row brushes
high-gloss polishes

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All BURGOL brushes are made from local beechwood in Germany, so it is a craft product „Made in Germany“. The hand-pulled fine polishing brushes use the hair of the highland yak, cashmere goat or viennese horsehair.
Dust and polishing brushes are made of strong, pure horsehair of the highest quality, undyed and without mixing other qualities and types.
All Burgol fine polishing brushes are 7-row, thus all polishing and fine polishing brushes are extremely densely bristled. This alone distinguishes the brushes of Burgol, of which most competitors. These 7-row brushes for manual brushes are produced exclusively for Burgol brushes.

In order to be able to produce a particularly noble high gloss, the fine polishing brushes of Burgol offer themselves with their pure, undyed goat hair or – as absolute premium execution – Yakhaar.
In the case of the latter variant, goat hair was used for the outer hair ring. This ensures an optimal level of brush hair and thus the best suitability in terms of high-gloss polishes.

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180 x 45mm

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