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Floor Cleaner Stone

Step 3 - Protective

Floor Cleaner Stone

Step 3 - Protective


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The floor cleaner stone is a high gloss, wear and tear resistant emulsion polish for natural and artificial stone floorings.

As a safety aspect the caring of the floor cleaner stone is slip-resistant because of the contained powerful care components (according to DIN 51131) even under strong frequentation.

The cost- and time-saving of the floor cleaner stone is highly resistant to heel marks  and soils even during highest strains.

High-speed-polishing  increases the durability, produces a preservation of the surface and reduces resoiling.

The protective film of the floor cleaner stone has a high filling capacity and provides a uniform, high gloss appearance after the first application.

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Safety Data Sheet

IMS Refill Drum must be purchased separately and filled by yourself.
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