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Chamois® – General

Chamois® – General

Chamois® - Deck


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Absorbs water 20 times faster
Holds 50% more water than a leather chamois
Scratch proof and lint free
Resistant to most chemicals
Unharmed by grease and oil
Lasts for years with normal use
Machine washable
Available in multiple colours


This chamois is probably the best drying tool. The award winning synthetic chamois feels like a leather chamois to the touch only it holds 50% more water and dries 20 times faster than a leather chamois.

Stores we and ready-to-use in handy plastic tube. Unlike a leather chamois it can be stored damp in its tube so it is ready to use anytime or anywhere


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Super absorbent, lint free, individual storage tubes scratch free, resistant to mildew, machine washable

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