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Jug „Anis“

Jug „Anis“



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Glittering jugs are truly all-rounders. Whether water, cold drinks, hot drinks or simply as decoration, pitchers fulfill their purpose unconditionally. For example, in the southern countries, jugs are traditionally found on every table as „welcome“ and everyone gives in as needed. With a few cold ice cubes and sweet slices of lemon, this is always a tasty and cool summer drink. Whether on the covered breakfast table, in the garden when grilling or as a nice eye-catcher, jugs are simply practical and impress with their simplicity. The heavily silvered jugs (with the QualiPlated Silver Seal) can be used practically or as a beautiful decoration. Just put a colorful bouquet in the water jug and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Glas, Platinumglas


mouth blown, handmade


Food safe, dishwasher safe


H 12cm

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