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Lanthern „Miami“

Lanthern „Miami“


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With the EDZARD wind lights, the perfect feel-good ambience can be created. Stylish lighting with warm candlelight makes a cozy get-together with family and friends or a romantic dinner for two a special event. Perfect if the lantern is also a decorative eye-catcher during the day. A cozy evening on the terrace or the balcony, the sun sinks on the horizon. The flickering candlelight in combination with the lantern provides enchanting light effects and a great look. In addition to a candle, this lantern can also be filled with LED string lights, sand, gravel, decorative stones, plants and much more. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

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Glas, Wood, Silver



Candle Art

Pile Candle


H 30cm, 19x19cm, L 25cm, H 35cm, 23x23cm, L 29cm, H 49cm, 23x23cm, L 29cm, H 60cm, 23x23cm, L 29cm, H 66cm, 23x23cm, L 29cm, H 72cm, 23x23cm, L 29cm

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