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Floor Cleaner

Step 3 - Protective

Floor Cleaner

Step 3 - Protective


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The Floor Cleaner provides the complete solution for highest standards in coating of hard and elastic floors combined with exceptional environmental properties.

Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the Floor cleaner assures outstanding durability and resistibility even against alcohol and skin disinfectants as well as a long-life pleasant appearance and gloss.

The Floor cleaner is completely user safe due to its time-saving processability even on damp linoleum floors, its reduced slip hazard whilst stripping and its easy-to-use features. Its certification according DIN 18032-2 proves outstanding slip resistance.

The Floor cleaner is as flexible as an elastic coating, extremely adhesive and elastic and therefore, suitable for elastomer (rubber) flooring and areas with high point load.

This product works ideally in a system with LINAX complete, which easily removes even multi-layer Floor cleaner polymer films.

By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients such as zinc, TBEP and fluorinated levelling agents, the Floor cleaner takes on the responsibility for future generations.

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IMS Refill Drum must be purchased separately and filled by yourself.
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