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Sneaker Brush

Sneaker Brush



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made in Germany
for smooth upper material
for nylon mesh, plastic and material combinations


The Sneaker Brush by Burgol is here! But what does the traditional shoe care brand have in common with its focus on men’s shoes with such sporty footwear? Leather and high-quality textiles are the answers!
This shoe brush is intended for the daily cleaning and care of your sneakers. It is suitable for shoes made of nylon mesh, plastic and material combinations as well as leather, in order to quickly and easily remove street dust from such upper material. The sneaker brush, which was originally designed as a textile brush, is equipped with synthetic bristles in a special non-hooking quality instead of simple plastic bristles, which protects the upper material of the shoes. This is because many plastic bristles normally produce small flags when they are cut off, which can hook into textile surfaces and pull micro-threads. This is not the case with sneaker brushes! For sneakers made of smooth upper material it is suitable to apply e.g. the shoe cleaner. For rough, suede and suede shoes, however, we recommend dry cleaning with the Suede Brush (bronze wire, the dark shoe brush shown below).

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180 mm

bristle surface

75 x 21 mm

bristle length

19 mm

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