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Frequently asked questions



How do I register?

Registering is as simple as writing an email. Just use the contact sheet and write us about you, where you want to use CRYSTAL and we will provide you with login credentials so you get a seat peek of the software.

How long can I test CRYSTAL?

Usually you are able to get the sneak peek of CRYSTAL for 10 days. However, since we are aware how busy you can be when guests on board, we can extend the time.



Can I use CRYSTAL on Android?

CRYSTAL is designed with security in mind. Apple and its operating systems iOS and macOS are the most secure in the industry. As a result, CRYSTAL builds upon these security features very tightly to protect your data and privacy. 

Can I use CRYSTAL on my iPhone?

CRYSTAL works only on iPad. However, we are evaluating the scenario of using CRYSTAL on iPhone as well. If you register for one of our packages, iPhone integration will become available to you for free when developed.

“Perfection is our goal excellence will be tolerated”

“Perfection is our goal excellence will be tolerated”

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