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We offer the full spectrum to help your organisation work better, happier and more efficiently to deliver a +7* service at all times.

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We are spearheading innovation by continuously updating & upgrading our products for you to get the best results for your luxury assets. We defined and provide services for the 3 pillars of hospitality:


Audit, Consultancy, Management 


Setup, Outfitting, Bespoke Goods


Maintenance, Training, Headhunting





Having the right products in place is crucial to the operation.
Approved by manufacturers, our Maintenance Manuals explain step by step the stain, the surface, how to treat it and what to do after. The manuals are part of the app but can also be purchased separately. In the CRYSTAL App you can control warranty matters,  log damages in 30 seconds or less, track its status, capture images, assign and create work lists. Then use the analytical tools for a proactive operation to ensure quality & longevity of your luxury asset. Your operational maintenance solutions all in one place.


Training, training, training is key to providing unparalleled +7* service. Only well-trained and educated personnel will take service to the next level. Our in-app educational platform CRYSTALpedia™ with its handbooks, guidelines and tutorials on all matters of hotel operations can be accessed freely by any member of your team who is interested in honing their skills or creating in-house training for their department. We collaborate with the leading training providers in hospitality, leadership and communication and can find and negotiate the right plan for you.    


Today’s talent is tomorrow’s success. We will help you in finding, hiring, training, and retaining the people who will be delivering +7* service. We use our professional network as well as social media to find experienced fresh new talents for your operation. Coupled with our 5 Screening Stages™ to analyse the candidate’s soft skills, hard skills, and goals we can present you with a diverse talent pool adding to healthy work culture. By collaborating with maritime and shoreside recruiters for your crew, house, or office staff needs, your organization will always be fit for the future.





With our focus on hospitality, we support your management through family office or yacht manager and can optimise operational performance of your asset. Through your bespoke CRYSTAL app or by physically collecting and analysing data about consumption and other habits we can anticipate dips in performance. Keeping up to date with regulations, new products and new technology in hospitality.
With a low monthly fee including a set number of hours and deliverables we will be able to implement the goals from the Scope or Action Plan developed during the consultancy phase.
All operations are different and adapting and anticipating changing priorities can be stressful but with us as support changes and solutions can be easy.

With our focus on hospitality, we support the overall management through the family office or yacht manager and can optimise the operational performance of your asset. By collecting and analysing data about consumption and other patterns with crew

With a low monthly operating fee, encompassing fixed support hour and deliverables, we implement, maintain and monitor goals as set in the original scope.

Every operation is unique and adapting to and anticipating constantly changing priorities, we eliminate stress, by supporting change and offering solutions by monitoring onboard performance via our app and onboard consultation.


e.g. Our expertise and relationships with numerous organisations as well as our knowledge best practices are crucial and developing performance -, management -, and financial analysis. 
We can provide you with organizational change management, coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and/or operational improvement services.

Bespoke Goods


There a millions of fabrics, treatments, buttons, zippers etc. but not all are suitable for the purpose you have in mind. Our hands-on experience and through our in-house R&D we can really help.

Having storage bags made to your measure will ensure a neat back-of-house. Covers, runners and protective bags if fitting correctly will prevent damages. Every room in a home needs it, not because we are all neat freaks, but because organisation adds personality and calmness and takes away the frustration of looking for lost things when needing them quickly.

How you store things supports how you want to live & run the interior operation, its no more complicated than that – plus, with ‘so many ways to hang, fold, stack, hide and pile the stuff you own into the space you possess, you wont need a bigger home because you have a better organised one.’


From production or enhancement to embroidery of:

• indoor & outdoor fabrics • upholstery fabrics • utility fabrics •paper napkins • stationery • leather products

We can produce printed paper napkins, stationery, leather folders etc. with any kind of design, colour, foil or finish. We also create any kind of embroidery, logo, pattern, piping on your existing or new table linen, guest linen and accessories. We also produce those tailored to your specifications, from cooling bags, chair pads, tote bags to complete beach sets and baskets.


We also produce bags and equipment made-to measure for the back-of-house service:

• bespoke cleaning baskets • cleaning trolleys • special equipment kits • storage bags • organiser boxes • pantry systems

Get kits you need for your specific interior fabrics and materials – from silver kits, carpet kits, flower kits to leather kits and shoe shine kits. The storage bags can be used for runners & covers, soft furnishings like throw pillows and also to carry beach equipment safely back and forth. The collapsible organiser boxes come in different sizes and fit in corners, shelves or box-in-box also in the storage bags. You can use them for organising things in the guest or crew/ staff areas like small goods, toiletries, uniform etc…


The materials fits the purpose.

• weatherproof • odour proof • antibacterial • air permeable • colour-save • scratch-save • premium materials • fade resistant • mildew resistant • stain resistant • water resistant

All our bags and boxes can be mixed & matched. Our storage bags and boxes can be used singly or as complete system and is suitable for homes and marine.


Our seamstresses and tailors are using the best materials, techniques and modern equipment to deliver the best results. Our utility fabrics are suitable and resistant for the use and purpose. We als keep a record and securely store your specifications, measurements and logos so re-ordering is easier and quicker.







3P-Audit is the triangular assessment of: product, process and people. Observing the recommended ISO 19011:2018 guidelines our audit will present the actual state, pinpoint discrepancies, highlight opportunities, give solutions to reach the target goal. Following the 5C’s principles our 3P-Audit report includes observations, related evidence, scoring/ rating results and solutions.  A detailed list on actionables and lead-times is separate from the auditing scope and part of the implementation phase. 



Everything you need – from a replacement fork or complete cutlery set to the entire interior outfitting including housekeeping equipment and cleaning products – we can take care of your needs.

We can help you with product & equipment requirements by area and purpose, do comparisons and give a pre-selection for review. You can order through us or directly with our trusted suppliers.

We can source specialised items, rare goods or create bespoke solutions for you as well. We can enter the ordered items in your CRYSTAL app under “inventories” along with warranty tracking.

Simply tell us and we’ll make it happen.

  • by area, item, purpose
  • advice & sourcing
  • purchasing & shipping
  • inventory input
  • warranty tracking


Planning workflow can significantly affect build & operational budgets. Also anticipating guest flow will contribute to a flawless experience fit for today’s demands and tomorrow’s. Our Agile Consultancy™ contains a road map & deliverables as well as milestones & deadlines bringing your vision to life. Our analysis ranks topics by their impact and can be tackled in order of priority. Choose between one or more services or for continuous access to certified experts opt for our proactive management service.

Interior understood

Besides our 27 years of hands-on experience (since 1996) in both the commercial- and the private hospitality sector and our over 17 years of expertise in yachting (since 2014) and project management we still like to be on the grounds.

Testing new products, researching luxury materials, sourcing specialised vendors, hunting new trends  – all presented to you in quick and easy bits in your bespoke CRYSTAL app. A one-stop-shop with our services & contacts made available to you.



Sprint plan


Sprint 1

– looking into your operation

– understanding your people

– controlling your assets


Sprint 2

– professional development

– self-management tools

– operational improvement


Sprint 3

– access to the active operation

– budget management

– quality control

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