Your Interior Management System. We help you to create the best experience for your luxury assets. 

Building successful interiors

Ever since its foundation in 2014, IMS has delivered beyond owner’s and management’s expectations. Turning interior operations around, updating interior decor with the designers, and creating a truly +7* service for owners and guests. On new build projects, IMS was vital in allocating the necessary spaces, routines, etc. in order to deliver +7* service from day one.

Advice & solutions

Providing luxury services to
HNWI/UHNWI, PAs and family offices – knowing excellence and +7* service



Offering support to
management agencies and
brokers – looking to complete their services

Safe & secure

The best tools for butlers, interior managers, senior and junior staff – working smoothly in any situation


Sharing knowledge with IOCs, manufacturers, designers and suppliers – ensuring functionality and care

Making an impact

What drives us is to deliver results and experiences which profoundly effect the ones who work in our industry. In doing so, we stand out in people’s minds, and also leave a lasting impression of what is possible with the right actions and decisions.

+7* service and technology

Unlike any other company in the industry, IMS is spearheading a +7* service unlike any other company. With years of experience in luxury hospitality, business management, and information technologies, IMS provides a plethora of services in one hand, making communication easy and time-saving.

Furthermore, its in-house developed software simplifies processes aboard and makes interior operations transparent.

Reach out to us

Do you have a problem that needs a solution? We’d love to help you solve it! Our team is passionate and always excited about new ideas.
This could be the beginning of something revolutionary, wouldn’t you agree?

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