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GeneralUltra® is the next level cloth. Using specialised machines and newly developed techniques, this cloth is particularly soft, voluminous and therefore feels extremely well in the hand. GeneralUltra® has the highest pile in comparison to our other cloths and takes dirt such as dust on even better. Due to its high absorption capacity, the removal of silicones, oils, fats and coarse dirt particles is no longer a problem. GeneralUltra® is specifically designed for cleaning general surface areas such as marble, table tops, wooden surfaces, quartz basins or painted/lacquered surfaces.

Zusätzliche Information


35×35 cm


80% Polyester, 20% Polyamid


High-tech FineFibre®, deep-pile weave structure, ultra absorbent finish, satin fabric wash label, colour coordinated piping, integrated pocket, application instructions


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